Company History

2nd generation company founded by the late Livie Gault. Now owned by Mr. Gault's son Milton Gault.

Years in Business

M.R. Gault Bail Bonds has been in business for 19 years.


Local: 512-686-4632

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COMPLETELY 100% the best by far!! We wasted our time for 5days with a bail bonds place named Statewide Bailbonds which is the biggest joke ever! Gault answered after hours and arrived 45 minutes after we called just like they said they would. Began to work on the paperwork immediately and with in 20 minutes or so, they were going over to the jail to finish the paperwork with my fiance. He was released exactly 2 hours after bond posted and I am now with my fiance and I have never been more happy!! IF YOU WANT A BAIL BONDSMAN THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AT WHAT THEY DO THEN, GAULT BAIL BONDS IS YOUR BEST BET!!

- Tamara M.

I would like everyone to know that Gault Bail Bonds is the best bail bonds company in Georgetown, Tx. They go out of their way to get the paperwork up to the jail so that the person can get released as soon as possible. I have come to know everyone at their office and its like I've known them for years. They're kind, considerate and family oriented! Call Gault & they will take care of you!

-Myra K.